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English translation of 'copertura'



feminine noun

    1. (gen, atto) covering
    2. (building) roofing
    attività di copertura cover-up
    materiali da copertura roofing (materials)
  1. (economics, business, insurance) cover
    copertura assicurativa insurance cover
  2. (sport)
    fare un gioco di copertura to play a defensive game
  3. (military) cover

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'copertura' in Other Languages

British English: cover /ˈkʌvə/ NOUN
A cover is something that you put over another thing.
Put a cover over the sofa to keep it clean.
  • American English: cover
  • Arabic: غِطَاء
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tampa
  • Chinese: 盖子
  • Croatian: pokrivač
  • Czech: kryt
  • Danish: dække
  • Dutch: omslag
  • European Spanish: cubierta
  • Finnish: suojus
  • French: couverture
  • German: Abdeckung
  • Greek: κάλυμμα
  • Italian: copertura
  • Japanese: 覆い
  • Korean: 덮개
  • Norwegian: deksel
  • Polish: pokrycie
  • European Portuguese: tampa
  • Romanian: înveliș
  • Russian: покрывало
  • Latin American Spanish: cubierta
  • Swedish: lock lucka
  • Thai: ปกหนังสือ
  • Turkish: örtü
  • Ukrainian: чохол
  • Vietnamese: màn che
British English: coverage NOUN
The coverage of something in the news is the reporting of it.
Now a special TV network gives live coverage of most races.
British English: covering NOUN
A covering is a layer of something that protects or hides something else.
Leave a thin covering of fat.


Translation of copertura from the Collins Italian to English
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