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English translation of 'crescere'


(ˈkreʃʃere) (irregular)

intransitive verb

    1. (gen) to grow
    2. (persona)
      1. (diventare adulto) to grow up
      2. (diventare più alto) to grow taller
    il bambino/l'albero è cresciuto the child/tree has grown
    com'è cresciuto tuo fratello! hasn't your brother grown!
    i suoi capelli non crescono molto her hair doesn't grow very fast
    sono cresciuto in Sardegna I grew up in Sardinia
    farsi crescere la barba/i capelli to grow a beard/one's hair
    si sta facendo crescere i capelli she's growing her hair
  1. (aumentare)
    1. (rumore, prezzo, numero) to increase
    2. (città, quartiere) to expand
    3. (luna) to wax
    la popolazione mondiale cresce velocemente the world's population is increasing rapidly
    i prezzi crescono ogni giorno prices are going up daily
    la città è cresciuta a vista d'occhio the city has grown before our very eyes

transitive verb

  1. (informal)
    1. (coltivare) to grow
    2. (allevare, figli) to raise

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'crescere' in Other Languages

British English: grow /ɡrəʊ/ VERB
person, hair When something or someone grows, they develop and increase in size or intensity.
All children grow at different rates.
  • American English: grow
  • Arabic: يَنْمو
  • Brazilian Portuguese: crescer
  • Chinese: 生长
  • Croatian: rasti
  • Czech: růst
  • Danish: vokse
  • Dutch: groeien
  • European Spanish: crecer
  • Finnish: kasvaa
  • French: grandir
  • German: aufwachsen
  • Greek: μεγαλώνω
  • Italian: crescere
  • Japanese: 成長する
  • Korean: 성장하다
  • Norwegian: vokse
  • Polish: urosnąć
  • European Portuguese: crescer
  • Romanian: a crește
  • Russian: развиваться
  • Latin American Spanish: crecer
  • Swedish: växa
  • Thai: เติบโต งอกงาม
  • Turkish: büyümek
  • Ukrainian: рости
  • Vietnamese: lớn lên
British English: grow up /ɡrəʊ ʌp/ VERB
When someone grows up, they gradually change from being a child into being an adult.
She grew up in this city.
  • American English: grow up
  • Arabic: يَبْلُغ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: crescer
  • Chinese: 长大
  • Croatian: odrasti
  • Czech: dospět
  • Danish: vokse op
  • Dutch: opgroeien
  • European Spanish: criarse
  • Finnish: kasvaa isoksi
  • French: grandir
  • German: wachsen
  • Greek: μεγαλώνω
  • Italian: crescere
  • Japanese: 大人になる
  • Korean: 성숙하다
  • Norwegian: vokse opp
  • Polish: dorosnąć
  • European Portuguese: crescer
  • Romanian: a crește
  • Russian: вырастать
  • Latin American Spanish: criarse
  • Swedish: växa upp
  • Thai: เจริญเติบโต
  • Turkish: büyümek
  • Ukrainian: зростати
  • Vietnamese: trưởng thành
British English: swell VERB
If the amount or size of something swells or if something swells it, it becomes larger than it was before.
The human population swelled, at least temporarily, as migrants moved south.


Translation of crescere from the Collins Italian to English
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