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English translation of 'curare'



transitive verb

  1. (medicine) to treat
    1. (guarire) to cure
    gli curarono la pertosse they treated him for whooping cough
    farsi curare da qn per qc to be treated by sb for sth
    devi curare o curarti questo raffreddore you must see about that cold
  2. (occuparsi di) to look after
    1. (azienda) to run, look after
    2. (libro) to edit
    curare l'edizione di un'antologia to be the editor of an anthology
See curarsi

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'curare' in Other Languages

British English: cure /kjʊə/ VERB
If a doctor or a medical treatment cures someone, or cures their illness, they make the person well again.
Doctors have cured him of the disease.
  • American English: cure
  • Arabic: يُعالِجُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: curar
  • Chinese: 治愈
  • Croatian: izliječiti
  • Czech: léčit
  • Danish: helbrede
  • Dutch: genezen
  • European Spanish: curar
  • Finnish: parantaa
  • French: guérir
  • German: heilen
  • Greek: θεραπεύω
  • Italian: curare
  • Japanese: 治す
  • Korean: (...을)치료하다
  • Norwegian: kurere
  • Polish: zaradzić
  • European Portuguese: curar
  • Romanian: a vindeca
  • Russian: лечить
  • Latin American Spanish: curar
  • Swedish: bota
  • Thai: รักษา
  • Turkish: tedavi etmek
  • Ukrainian: виліковувати
  • Vietnamese: chữa bệnh
British English: curate VERB
If an exhibition is curated by someone, they organize it.
The exhibition has been curated by a well-known artist.
  • American English: curate
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fazer a curadoria
  • Chinese: > 主办英国国教的
  • European Spanish: organizar
  • French: organiser
  • German: betreuen
  • Italian: curare
  • Japanese: 主催する
  • Korean: 큐레이터 역할을 하다
  • European Portuguese: fazer a curadoria
  • Latin American Spanish: organizar
British English: nurse VERB
If you nurse someone, you care for them when they are ill.
All the years he was sick my mother had nursed him.
  • American English: nurse
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tratar de
  • Chinese: 看护
  • European Spanish: cuidar
  • French: soigner
  • German: pflegen
  • Italian: curare
  • Japanese: 看病する
  • Korean: 간호하다
  • European Portuguese: tratar de
  • Latin American Spanish: cuidar


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