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English translation of 'curarsi'


reflexive verb

    1. (gen) to take care of o.s., look after o.s.
    2. (medicine) to follow a course of treatment
    si sta curando con delle vitamine he's taking vitamins
  1. (esteticamente) to take trouble over one's appearance
See curare

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transitive verb

  1. (medicine) to treat
    1. (guarire) to cure
    gli curarono la pertosse they treated him for whooping cough
    farsi curare da qn per qc to be treated by sb for sth
    devi curare o curarti questo raffreddore you must see about that cold
  2. (occuparsi di) to look after
    1. (azienda) to run, look after
    2. (libro) to edit
    curare l'edizione di un'antologia to be the editor of an anthology
See curarsi


Translation of curarsi from the Collins Italian to English
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