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English translation of 'dimostrare'



transitive verb

    1. (verità, funzionamento) to demonstrate, show
    2. (colpevolezza, teorema, tesi) to prove, demonstrate
    ciò dimostra che hai ragione this proves o shows you are right
  1. (simpatia, affetto, interesse) to show, display
    non dimostra la sua età he doesn't look his age
  2. (politics) to demonstrate

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'dimostrare' in Other Languages

British English: demonstrate /ˈdɛmənˌstreɪt/ VERB
To demonstrate a fact or theory means to make it clear to people.
You have to demonstrate that you are reliable.
  • American English: demonstrate
  • Arabic: يُبَرْهِنُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: demonstrar
  • Chinese: 演示
  • Croatian: pokazati
  • Czech: předvádět ukázat
  • Danish: demonstrere
  • Dutch: aantonen
  • European Spanish: demostrar
  • Finnish: osoittaa havainnollisesti / osoittaa mieltään
  • French: démontrer
  • German: demonstrieren
  • Greek: αποδεικνύω
  • Italian: dimostrare
  • Japanese: 立証する
  • Korean: 증명하다
  • Norwegian: demonstrere
  • Polish: zademonstrować
  • European Portuguese: demonstrar
  • Romanian: a demonstra
  • Russian: наглядно показать
  • Latin American Spanish: demostrar
  • Swedish: visa
  • Thai: แสดงให้เห็น
  • Turkish: bulgularla kanıtlamak
  • Ukrainian: демонструвати
  • Vietnamese: sự thể hiện, sự chứng minh
British English: show /ʃəʊ/ VERB
prove If information or a fact shows that a situation exists, it proves it.
Research shows that women do upwards of 70% of housework.
  • American English: show
  • Arabic: يَعْرِض
  • Brazilian Portuguese: mostrar
  • Chinese: 展示
  • Croatian: pokazati
  • Czech: ukázat
  • Danish: vise
  • Dutch: tonen
  • European Spanish: mostrar
  • Finnish: näyttää
  • French: montrer
  • German: zeigen
  • Greek: δείχνω
  • Italian: dimostrare
  • Japanese: 見せる
  • Korean: 보여주다
  • Norwegian: (frem)vise
  • Polish: pokazać
  • European Portuguese: mostrar
  • Romanian: a demonstra
  • Russian: показывать
  • Latin American Spanish: mostrar
  • Swedish: visa
  • Thai: แสดง
  • Turkish: göstermek
  • Ukrainian: показувати
  • Vietnamese: cho thấy


Translation of dimostrare from the Collins Italian to English
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