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  1. obvious, evident
    è una prova evidente di... it's clear proof of ...
    è evidente che it is obvious o evident that
    era evidente che non voleva venire it was obvious he didn't want to come
    è evidente! obviously!

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'evidente' in Other Languages

British English: noticeable /ˈnəʊtɪsəbl/ ADJECTIVE
Something that is noticeable is very obvious, so that it is easy to see or recognize.
It was noticeable that his face was red.
  • American English: noticeable
  • Arabic: مَلْحُوظٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: notável
  • Chinese: 显而易见的
  • Croatian: primjetan
  • Czech: patrný
  • Danish: påfaldende
  • Dutch: merkbaar
  • European Spanish: perceptible
  • Finnish: huomattava
  • French: remarquable
  • German: erkennbar
  • Greek: αισθητός
  • Italian: evidente
  • Japanese: 目立つ
  • Korean: 현저한
  • Norwegian: merkbar
  • Polish: godny uwagi
  • European Portuguese: notável
  • Romanian: ușor de remarcat
  • Russian: достойный внимания
  • Latin American Spanish: perceptible
  • Swedish: märkbar
  • Thai: ที่สังเกตเห็นได้
  • Turkish: dikkat çeken
  • Ukrainian: помітний
  • Vietnamese: dễ nhận thấy
British English: obvious /ˈɒbvɪəs/ ADJECTIVE
If something is obvious, it is easy to see or understand.
It's obvious he's worried about us.
  • American English: obvious
  • Arabic: جَلِيٌّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: óbvio
  • Chinese: 明显的
  • Croatian: očit
  • Czech: zřejmý
  • Danish: åbenlys
  • Dutch: duidelijk
  • European Spanish: obvio
  • Finnish: ilmeinen
  • French: évident
  • German: offensichtlich
  • Greek: προφανής
  • Italian: evidente
  • Japanese: 明らかな
  • Korean: 분명한
  • Norwegian: åpenbar
  • Polish: oczywisty
  • European Portuguese: óbvio
  • Romanian: evident
  • Russian: очевидный
  • Latin American Spanish: obvio
  • Swedish: uppenbar
  • Thai: เห็นได้ชัด
  • Turkish: açık kavram
  • Ukrainian: очевидний
  • Vietnamese: rõ ràng
British English: evident ADJECTIVE
If something is evident, you notice it easily and clearly.
His footprints were clearly evident in the heavy dust.
British English: self-evident ADJECTIVE
A fact or situation that is self-evident is so obvious that there is no need for proof or explanation.
It is self-evident that we will never have enough resources to meet the demand.


Translation of evidente from the Collins Italian to English
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