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English translation of 'incasinato'




  1. (informal)
    1. (gen) in a mess
    2. (mentalmente) screwed up
    in questo periodo sono proprio incasinata I'm in a real mess at the moment

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transitive verb

  1. (informal)
    1. (creare disordine in) to mess up
    2. (creare problemi a) to screw up
    mio fratello ha incasinato i miei CD my brother has messed up my CDs

'incasinato' in Other Languages

British English: screwed up ADJECTIVE
If you say that someone is screwed up, you mean that they are very confused or worried, or that they have psychological problems.
He was really screwed up with his emotional problems.


Translation of incasinato from the Collins Italian to English
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