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English translation of 'inserire'



transitive verb

    1. (introdurre) to insert
    2. (electricity, spina) to insert, put in
    3. (allegare) to enclose
    bisogna inserire la vite nel foro you need to put the screw in the hole
    inserire la spina della TV to plug in the TV
    inserire un annuncio sul giornale to put o place an advertisement in the newspaper
    inserire un apparecchio in un circuito elettrico to connect a machine to an electrical circuit

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'inserire' in Other Languages

British English: plug in /plʌɡ ɪn/ VERB
If you plug a piece of electrical equipment in, you push its plug into an electric socket so that it can work.
I filled the kettle and plugged it in.
  • American English: plug in
  • Arabic: يُوصِلُ بِالقَابِسِ الكَهْرَبائِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ligar eletricidade
  • Chinese: 插上电源
  • Croatian: uključiti
  • Czech: zapojit do elektřiny
  • Danish: slutte til
  • Dutch: insteken
  • European Spanish: enchufar
  • Finnish: kytkeä pistorasiaan
  • French: brancher
  • German: einstöpseln
  • Greek: συνδέω στην πρίζα
  • Italian: inserire
  • Japanese: プラグで接続する
  • Korean: (…)을 (…)에 연결하다
  • Norwegian: plugge inn
  • Polish: wetknąć
  • European Portuguese: ligar electricidade
  • Romanian: a conecta
  • Russian: включать в сеть
  • Latin American Spanish: enchufar
  • Swedish: sätta i
  • Thai: เสียบปลั๊ก
  • Turkish: bağlamak devreye
  • Ukrainian: підключати
  • Vietnamese: cắm vào
British English: insert VERB
If you insert an object into something, you put the object inside it.
He took a small key from his pocket and slowly inserted it into the lock.
British English: slot VERB
If you slot something into something else, or if it slots into it, you put it into a space where it fits.
He was slotting a CD into a CD player.
  • American English: slot
  • Brazilian Portuguese: colocar em uma abertura
  • Chinese: 把…放入狭缝
  • European Spanish: encajar
  • French: insérer
  • German: stecken
  • Italian: inserire
  • Japanese: 差し込む
  • Korean: 끼워 넣다
  • European Portuguese: colocar numa abertura
  • Latin American Spanish: meter


Translation of inserire from the Collins Italian to English
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