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English translation of 'nucleo'



masculine noun

    1. (biology, physics) nucleus
    2. (geography) core
    3. (figurative, parte centrale) core, nucleus
    4. (gruppo) unit, group, team
    5. (military, police) unit, squad

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'nucleo' in Other Languages

British English: nucleus NOUN
The nucleus of an atom or cell is the central part of it.
Neutrons and protons are bound together in the nucleus of an atom.
  • American English: nucleus
  • Brazilian Portuguese: núcleo
  • Chinese: > 核原子或细胞
  • European Spanish: núcleo
  • French: noyau
  • German: Kern
  • Italian: nucleo
  • Japanese: 原子核
  • Korean:
  • European Portuguese: núcleo
  • Latin American Spanish: núcleo


Translation of nucleo from the Collins Italian to English
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