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English translation of 'ostentare'



transitive verb

    1. (ricchezze, bravura) to show off, flaunt, make a show of
    2. (distacco, indifferenza) to feign

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'ostentare' in Other Languages

British English: show off /ʃəʊ ɒf/ VERB
If you say that someone is showing off, you are criticizing them for trying to impress people by showing in a very obvious way what they can do or what they own.
All right, there's no need to show off.
  • American English: show off
  • Arabic: يَفْتَخِرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: exibir-se
  • Chinese: 炫耀
  • Croatian: razmetati se
  • Czech: vychloubat se
  • Danish: prale
  • Dutch: opscheppen
  • European Spanish: presumir
  • Finnish: leveillä
  • French: exhiber
  • German: angeben prahlen
  • Greek: κάνω φιγούρα
  • Italian: ostentare
  • Japanese: 見せびらかす
  • Korean: 과시하다
  • Norwegian: vise seg
  • Polish: popisać się
  • European Portuguese: exibir-se
  • Romanian: a se făli cu
  • Russian: рисоваться
  • Latin American Spanish: presumir
  • Swedish: skryta
  • Thai: ทำตัวเด่น
  • Turkish: gösteriş yapmak
  • Ukrainian: хизуватися
  • Vietnamese: khoe khoang
British English: flaunt VERB
If you say that someone flaunts their possessions, abilities, or qualities, you mean that they display them in a very obvious way.
They drove around in flash cars, openly flaunting their wealth.


Translation of ostentare from the Collins Italian to English
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