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English translation of 'pelliccia'



feminine noun

  1. (mantello di animale) fur, coat
  2. (indumento) fur (coat)

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Easy Learning Grammar: Italian
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Language Learner's Blog: Italian
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'pelliccia' in Other Languages

British English: fur /fɜː/ NOUN
Fur is the thick hair that grows on the bodies of many animals, such as rabbits and bears, and is sometimes used to make clothes or rugs.
...a black coat with a fur collar.
  • American English: fur
  • Arabic: فَرْو
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pele de animal
  • Chinese: 毛皮
  • Croatian: krzno
  • Czech: srst
  • Danish: pels
  • Dutch: vacht
  • European Spanish: pelaje
  • Finnish: turkki
  • French: fourrure
  • German: Pelz
  • Greek: γούνα
  • Italian: pelliccia
  • Japanese: 毛皮
  • Korean: 모피
  • Norwegian: pels
  • Polish: futro u zwierzęcia
  • European Portuguese: pele de animal
  • Romanian: blană
  • Russian: мех
  • Latin American Spanish: pelaje
  • Swedish: päls
  • Thai: ขนสัตว์
  • Turkish: kürk
  • Ukrainian: хутро
  • Vietnamese: lông mao
British English: fur coat /fɜː kəʊt/ NOUN
A fur coat is a coat made from real or artificial fur.
  • American English: fur coat
  • Arabic: مِعْطَفٌ مِن الفَرْو
  • Brazilian Portuguese: casaco de pele
  • Chinese: 皮大衣
  • Croatian: krzneni kaput
  • Czech: kožich
  • Danish: pelsfrakke
  • Dutch: bontmantel
  • European Spanish: abrigo de pieles
  • Finnish: turkistakki
  • French: manteau de fourrure
  • German: Pelzmantel
  • Greek: γούνινο παλτό
  • Italian: pelliccia
  • Japanese: 毛皮のコート
  • Korean: 모피코트
  • Norwegian: pelskåpe
  • Polish: futro nakrycie
  • European Portuguese: casaco de pele
  • Romanian: haină de blană
  • Russian: шуба
  • Latin American Spanish: abrigo de pieles
  • Swedish: päls
  • Thai: เสื้อโค้ททำจากขนสัตว์
  • Turkish: kürk giysi
  • Ukrainian: шуба
  • Vietnamese: áo lông thú


Translation of pelliccia from the Collins Italian to English
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