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English translation of 'piccola cassa'

piccola cassa

  1. petty cash
See cassa (sense 2)

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'piccola cassa' in Other Languages

British English: petty cash NOUN
Petty cash is money that is kept in the office of a company, for making small payments in cash when necessary.
After having her expense claims overruled, she took the money from petty cash.
  • American English: petty cash
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fundo de caixa
  • Chinese: > 小额备用金办公室存放的
  • European Spanish: dinero para gastos menores
  • French: petite caisse
  • German: Portokasse
  • Italian: piccola cassa
  • Japanese: 小口現金
  • Korean: 소액 지급 준비금
  • European Portuguese: fundo de caixa
  • Latin American Spanish: dinero para gastos menores


Translation of piccola cassa from the Collins Italian to English
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