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English translation of 'poco maneggevole'

poco maneggevole

  1. difficult to handle
See maneggevole

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'poco maneggevole' in Other Languages

British English: unwieldy ADJECTIVE
If you describe an object as unwieldy, you mean that it is difficult to move or carry because it is so big or heavy.
They came panting up to his door with their unwieldy baggage.
  • American English: unwieldy
  • Brazilian Portuguese: desajeitado
  • Chinese: 笨重的
  • European Spanish: difícil de manejar
  • French: encombrant
  • German: unhandlich
  • Italian: poco maneggevole
  • Japanese: 動かしにくい
  • Korean: > 다루기 힘든무거워서
  • European Portuguese: desajeitado
  • Latin American Spanish: difícil de manejar


Translation of poco maneggevole from the Collins Italian to English
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