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  1. presumably

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'presumibilmente' in Other Languages

British English: presumably /prɪˈzjuːməblɪ/ ADVERB
If you say that something is presumably true, you mean that you think it is true, although you are not certain.
Presumably the front door was locked?
  • American English: presumably
  • Arabic: بِصُورَةٍ مُحْتَمَلَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: presumivelmente
  • Chinese: 推测起来
  • Croatian: vjerojatno
  • Czech: pravděpodobně
  • Danish: antagelig
  • Dutch: vermoedelijk
  • European Spanish: suponer
  • Finnish: oletettavasti
  • French: vraisemblablement
  • German: vermutlich
  • Greek: πιθανώς
  • Italian: presumibilmente
  • Japanese: 恐らく
  • Korean: 아마
  • Norwegian: antakelig
  • Polish: przypuszczalnie
  • European Portuguese: presumivelmente
  • Romanian: probabil
  • Russian: предположительно
  • Latin American Spanish: suponer
  • Swedish: antagligen
  • Thai: ที่น่าเป็นไปได้
  • Turkish: olasılıkla
  • Ukrainian: імовірно
  • Vietnamese: theo suy đoán
British English: supposedly /səˈpəʊzɪdlɪ/ ADVERB
Supposedly means that the following word or description is misleading and is not definitely known to be true.
The illegal software helps users access supposedly secure networks.
  • American English: supposedly
  • Arabic: عَلى إِفْتِرَاض
  • Brazilian Portuguese: supostamente
  • Chinese: 据称
  • Croatian: navodno
  • Czech: údajně
  • Danish: efter sigende
  • Dutch: zogenaamd
  • European Spanish: supuestamente
  • Finnish: ilmeisesti
  • French: supposément
  • German: angeblich
  • Greek: υποθετικά
  • Italian: presumibilmente
  • Japanese: おそらく
  • Korean: 아마
  • Norwegian: antagelig
  • Polish: przypuszczalnie
  • European Portuguese: supostamente
  • Romanian: presupus
  • Russian: предположительно
  • Latin American Spanish: supuestamente
  • Swedish: förmodligen
  • Thai: ตามที่สมมุติ
  • Turkish: varsayalım ki
  • Ukrainian: як припускають
  • Vietnamese: cho là


Translation of presumibilmente from the Collins Italian to English
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