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intransitive verb

    1. (auxiliary verb: essere, avanzare) to proceed, advance
    2. (continuare) to proceed, go on
    procedere oltre to go on ahead
    prima di procedere oltre before going any further
    procedere con lentezza (veicolo) to drive along slowly (trattative) to proceed slowly
    procediamo con ordine let's do this in an orderly fashion
    gli affari procedono bene business is going well
    come procede il lavoro? how's the work going?
    procede nella ricerca scientifica he is continuing his scientific research
  1. (passare a)
    procedere a to start, begin
    procediamo alla discussione let's begin the discussion
    1. (agire) to proceed
    2. (comportarsi) to behave
    non mi piace il suo modo di procedere I don't like the way he behaves
    bisogna procedere con cautela we have to proceed cautiously
  2. (law)
    procedere contro qc to start o take proceedings against sb
    non luogo a procedere nonsuit

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'procedere' in Other Languages

British English: tread VERB
behave cautiously If you tread carefully, you behave in a careful or cautious way.
If you are hoping to form a new relationship tread carefully and slowly to begin with.
  • American English: tread
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pisar
  • Chinese: > 小心应对鞋底或轮胎上的
  • European Spanish: comportarse
  • French: avancer
  • German: gehen
  • Italian: procedere
  • Japanese: 振舞う
  • Korean: 조심스럽게 움직이다
  • European Portuguese: pisar
  • Latin American Spanish: comportarse


Translation of procedere from the Collins Italian to English
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