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English translation of 'progetto'



masculine noun

    1. (architecture) plan
    2. (idea) plan, project
    il progetto della casa the plan of the house
    fare il progetto di una casa to design a house
    i miei progetti per il futuro my plans for the future
    fare progetti per il futuro to make plans for the future
    avere in progetto di fare qc to be planning to do sth
  1. (politics)
    progetto di legge bill

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transitive verb

    1. (ponte, casa) to plan, design
    2. (vacanza, fuga, rapina) to plan
    progettare di fare qc to plan to do sth

'progetto' in Other Languages

British English: plan /plæn/ NOUN
A plan is a method of achieving something that you have worked out in detail beforehand.
The three leaders had worked out a peace plan.
  • American English: plan
  • Arabic: خُطَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: plano
  • Chinese: 计划
  • Croatian: plan
  • Czech: plán
  • Danish: plan strategi
  • Dutch: plan
  • European Spanish: plano edificio
  • Finnish: suunnitelma
  • French: plan projet
  • German: Plan
  • Greek: σχέδιο
  • Italian: progetto
  • Japanese: 計画
  • Korean: 계획
  • Norwegian: plan
  • Polish: plan zamiar
  • European Portuguese: plano
  • Romanian: plan
  • Russian: план
  • Latin American Spanish: plan esquema
  • Swedish: plan
  • Thai: แผนการ
  • Turkish: plan
  • Ukrainian: план
  • Vietnamese: kế hoạch
British English: project /ˈprɒdʒɛkt/ NOUN
A project is a carefully planned task that requires a lot of time and effort.
...local development projects such as hospitals and schools.
  • American English: project
  • Arabic: مَشْرُوع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: projeto
  • Chinese: 项目
  • Croatian: projekt
  • Czech: projekt
  • Danish: projekt
  • Dutch: project
  • European Spanish: proyecto
  • Finnish: hanke
  • French: projet
  • German: Projekt
  • Greek: προγραμματισμένο έργο
  • Italian: progetto
  • Japanese: 企画
  • Korean: 프로젝트
  • Norwegian: prosjekt
  • Polish: projekt plan
  • European Portuguese: projeto
  • Romanian: proiect
  • Russian: проект
  • Latin American Spanish: proyecto
  • Swedish: projekt
  • Thai: โครงการ
  • Turkish: proje
  • Ukrainian: проект
  • Vietnamese: dự án
British English: blueprint NOUN
A blueprint for something is a plan or set of proposals that shows how it is expected to work.
The president will offer delegates his blueprint for the country's future.


Translation of progetto from the Collins Italian to English
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