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English translation of 'ristretto'



past participle of verb

  1. of restringere


    1. (limitato) limited, restricted
    2. (angusto) narrow
    3. (racchiuso) enclosed, hemmed in
    ristretto a restricted o limited to
    di idee ristrette (figurative) narrow-minded
  1. (concentrato)
    1. (brodo) thick
    2. (caffè) extra strong

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NEW from Collins!
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The Paul Noble Method


(resˈtrindʒere) (irregular)

transitive verb

    1. (strada) to narrow
    2. (abito, gonna) to take in

'ristretto' in Other Languages

British English: shrunken /ˈʃrʌŋkən/ ADJECTIVE
Someone or something that is shrunken has become smaller than they used to be.
She now looked small, shrunken and pathetic.
  • American English: shrunken
  • Arabic: مُتَقَلِّص
  • Brazilian Portuguese: encolhido
  • Chinese: 已萎缩的
  • Croatian: smanjen
  • Czech: sražený praním
  • Danish: krympet
  • Dutch: gekrompen
  • European Spanish: encogido
  • Finnish: kutistunut
  • French: rétréci
  • German: eingelaufen
  • Greek: ζαρωμένος
  • Italian: ristretto
  • Japanese: 縮んだ
  • Korean: 줄어든
  • Norwegian: krympet
  • Polish: skurczony
  • European Portuguese: encolhido
  • Romanian: micșorat
  • Russian: сморщившийся
  • Latin American Spanish: encogido
  • Swedish: krympt
  • Thai: ที่หดลง
  • Turkish: kısalmış
  • Ukrainian: зменшений
  • Vietnamese: bị co lại
British English: cramped ADJECTIVE
A cramped room or building is not big enough for the people or things in it.
There are hundreds of families living in cramped conditions on the floor of the airport lounge.


Translation of ristretto from the Collins Italian to English
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