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English translation of 'ritaglio'



masculine noun

    1. (di giornale) cutting, clipping
    2. (di stoffa) remnant, scrap
    nei ritagli di tempo in one's spare time

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NEW from Collins!
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transitive verb

  1. (tagliare via)
    ritagliare (da) to cut out (of)
    ho ritagliato l'articolo dal giornale I cut the article out of the paper

'ritaglio' in Other Languages

British English: cutting /ˈkʌtɪŋ/ NOUN
newspaper A cutting is a piece of writing cut from a newspaper or magazine.
...old newspaper cuttings.
  • American English: clipping
  • Arabic: قُصَاصَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: artigo jornal
  • Chinese: 切片
  • Croatian: izrezak
  • Czech: výstřižek
  • Danish: udklip
  • Dutch: krantenknipsel
  • European Spanish: recorte periódico
  • Finnish: lehtileike
  • French: coupure
  • German: Ausschnitt Zeitung
  • Greek: τομή
  • Italian: ritaglio
  • Japanese: 切り抜き
  • Korean: 절단
  • Norwegian: klipping
  • Polish: wycinek
  • European Portuguese: artigo jornal
  • Romanian: tăieturădin ziar
  • Russian: вырезка из газеты
  • Latin American Spanish: recorte
  • Swedish: stickling
  • Thai: การตัด
  • Turkish: gazete kesiği
  • Ukrainian: вирізка
  • Vietnamese: bài báo cắt ra
British English: clipping NOUN
A clipping is an article, picture, or advertisement that has been cut from a newspaper or magazine.
...bulletin boards crowded with newspaper clippings.
  • American English: clipping
  • Brazilian Portuguese: recorte
  • Chinese: 剪报
  • European Spanish: recorte
  • French: coupure de journalN
  • German: Ausschnitt
  • Italian: ritaglio
  • Japanese: 切り抜き
  • Korean: 오려 낸 기사나 사진
  • European Portuguese: recorte
  • Latin American Spanish: recorte


Translation of ritaglio from the Collins Italian to English
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