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English translation of 'schifoso'




    1. (che fa ribrezzo) disgusting, revolting
    2. (pessimo) dreadful, awful
    hai avuto una fortuna schifosa (informal) you've been terribly lucky

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Easy Learning Grammar: Italian
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Language Learner's Blog: Italian
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NEW from Collins!
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The Paul Noble Method

'schifoso' in Other Languages

British English: lousy /ˈlaʊzɪ/ ADJECTIVE
If you describe something as lousy, you mean that it is of very bad quality.
The food was lousy.
  • American English: lousy
  • Arabic: سَيِءٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ruim
  • Chinese: 糟糕的
  • Croatian: odvratan
  • Czech: mizerný
  • Danish: elendig
  • Dutch: waardeloos
  • European Spanish: pésimo
  • Finnish: kurja
  • French: infect
  • German: miserabel
  • Greek: άθλιος
  • Italian: schifoso
  • Japanese: 卑劣な
  • Korean: 비열한
  • Norwegian: dårlig
  • Polish: wstrętny
  • European Portuguese: de má qualidade
  • Romanian: groaznic
  • Russian: отвратительный
  • Latin American Spanish: pésimo
  • Swedish: urusel
  • Thai: น่ารังเกียจ
  • Turkish: berbat
  • Ukrainian: огидний
  • Vietnamese: tồi tệ


Translation of schifoso from the Collins Italian to English
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