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    1. (donna) seductive
    2. (proposta) very attractive

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transitive verb

  1. (abusare di) to seduce
  2. (affascinare) to charm, captivate
    1. (sogg, idea) to appeal to

'seducente' in Other Languages

British English: alluring ADJECTIVE
Someone or something that is alluring is very attractive.
...the most alluring city in the country.
British English: seductive ADJECTIVE
Something that is seductive is very attractive or makes you want to do something that you would not otherwise do.
It's a seductive argument.
  • American English: seductive
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sedutor
  • Chinese: 诱人的
  • European Spanish: seductor
  • French: séduisant
  • German: verlockend
  • Italian: seducente
  • Japanese: 魅惑的な
  • Korean: 유혹적인
  • European Portuguese: sedutor
  • Latin American Spanish: seductor

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Translation of seducente from the Collins Italian to English
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