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English translation of 'spendere'



transitive verb

  1. (denaro, tempo) to spend
    quanto ti hanno fatto spendere? how much did they charge you?
    quanto hai speso? how much did you spend?
    quanto hai speso per quel vestito? how much did you spend on o pay for that dress?
    si mangia bene e si spende poco the food's good and it doesn't cost much
    spendere un occhio della testa to spend a fortune
    spendere una buona parola per qn to put in a good word for sb
    spendere e spandere to squander one's money
    spendere la vita sui libri to spend one's life studying

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'spendere' in Other Languages

British English: spend /spɛnd/ VERB
money When you spend money, you buy things with it.
I have spent all my money.
  • American English: spend
  • Arabic: يُنْفِقُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: gastar
  • Chinese: 花钱
  • Croatian: trošiti
  • Czech: utrácet
  • Danish: bruge
  • Dutch: vt
  • European Spanish: gastar
  • Finnish: kuluttaa
  • French: dépenser
  • German: ausgeben
  • Greek: ξοδεύω
  • Italian: spendere
  • Japanese: 費やす
  • Korean: 돈을 쓰다
  • Norwegian: forbruke
  • Polish: spędzić
  • European Portuguese: gastar
  • Romanian: a cheltui
  • Russian: тратить
  • Latin American Spanish: gastar
  • Swedish: förbruka
  • Thai: ใช้
  • Turkish: harcamak
  • Ukrainian: витрачати
  • Vietnamese: tiêu sử dụng


Translation of spendere from the Collins Italian to English
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