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su + il=sul, su + lo=sullo, su + l'=sull', su + la=sulla, su + i=sui, su + gli=sugli, su + le=sulle
    1. (gen) on
    2. (moto) on(to)
    3. (in cima a) on (top of)
    non è mai stato su un aereo he's never been in a plane
    puntare una somma su un cavallo to bet a sum on a horse
    è sulla destra it's on the right
    conto su di te I'm counting on you
    fa errori su errori he makes one mistake after another
    fece fuoco sulla folla he fired on the crowd
    la finestra dà sul giardino the window looks onto the garden
    l'ho visto sul giornale I saw it in the paper
    fecero rotta su Palermo they set out towards Palermo
    gettarsi sulla preda to throw o.s. on one's prey
    la marcia su Roma the march on Rome
    mettilo sulla scrivania put it on the desk
    ricamo su seta embroidery on silk
    procedi sulla sinistra keep on o to the left
    sta sulle sue he keeps to himself
    il libro è sul tavolo the book is on the table
    è salito sul tavolo he got up on(to) the table
    olio su tela oil on canvas
    basare un argomento su to base an argument on
  1. (addosso) over
    buttati uno scialle sulle spalle throw a shawl over o round your shoulders
    sul vestito indossava un golf rosso she was wearing a red sweater over her dress
  2. (da una parte all'altra) over
    un ponte sul fiume a bridge over the river
    un aereo passò sulle nostre teste an aeroplane flew over our heads
  3. (autorità, dominio) over
    non ha alcun potere su di lui he has no power over him
  4. (più in alto di) above
    100 metri sul livello del mare 100 metres above sea level
  5. (argomento) about, on
    discutere su un argomento to discuss a subject
    un articolo sulla prima guerra mondiale an article on o about the First World War
    una conferenza sulla pace nel mondo a conference on o about world peace
  6. (circa) about, around
    è costato sui due milioni it cost about two million euros
    c'erano sulle 100 persone there were about 100 people
    sarà sulla sessantina he must be about sixty
  7. (proporzione) out of, in
    50 su 100 hanno votato contro 50 out of 100 voted against (it)
    2 giorni su 3 2 days out of 3, 2 days in 3
    uno su tre one in three
    5 su 10 (voto) 5 out of 10
  8. (modo)
    scarpe su misura handmade shoes
    spedire qc su richiesta to send sth on request


    1. (in alto, verso l'alto) up
    2. (al piano superiore) upstairs
    guarda su look up
    lì su up there
    su le mani! hands up!
    quisu up here
    era su che ci aspettava he was waiting for us upstairs
  1. (in poi) onwards
    dal numero 39 in su from number 39 onwards
    dai 20 anni in su from the age of 20 onwards
    prezzi dalle 50 euro in su prices from 50 euros (upwards)
  2. (addosso) on
    cos'hai su? what have you got on?
    aveva su una strana tunica she had a strange tunic on
    posso metterlo su? can I put it on?
  3. (fraseologia)
    su coraggio! come on, cheer up!
    andare su e giù to go up and down
    andava su e giù per il corridoio he paced up and down the corridor
    su per giù = suppergiù
    su smettila! come on, that's enough of that!
    su su non fare così! now, now, don't behave like that!
    su svelto! come on, hurry up!
    venir su dal niente to rise from nothing

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'su' in Other Languages

British English: about /əˈbaʊt/ PREPOSITION
to do with About means to do with.
This book is about history.
  • American English: about
  • Arabic: عَنْ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sobre
  • Chinese: 关于
  • Croatian: o
  • Czech: o
  • Danish: om
  • Dutch: over
  • European Spanish: acerca de
  • French: à propos de
  • German: über
  • Greek: περί
  • Italian: su
  • Japanese: ・・・について
  • Korean: ...에 관하여
  • Norwegian: om
  • Polish: o
  • European Portuguese: sobre
  • Romanian: despre
  • Russian: о
  • Latin American Spanish: acerca de
  • Swedish: om
  • Thai: เกี่ยวกับ
  • Turkish: hakkında
  • Ukrainian: про
  • Vietnamese: về liên quan đến
British English: on /ɒn/ PREPOSITION
If someone or something is on a surface, it is resting there.
There was a large box on the table.
  • American English: on
  • Arabic: عَلَى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: em cima de
  • Chinese: 在...之上
  • Croatian: na
  • Czech: na
  • Danish:
  • Dutch: op
  • European Spanish: en
  • French: sur
  • German: auf
  • Greek: επί
  • Italian: su
  • Japanese: ・・・の上に
  • Korean: ...의 위에
  • Norwegian:
  • Polish: na
  • European Portuguese: em cima de
  • Romanian: pe
  • Russian: на
  • Latin American Spanish: en
  • Swedish:
  • Thai: บน
  • Turkish: üzerinde
  • Ukrainian: на
  • Vietnamese: ở trên
British English: up /ʌp/ ADVERB
When something moves up, it moves from a lower place to a higher place.
Keep your head up.
  • American English: up
  • Arabic: فَوْق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: para cima
  • Chinese: 向上
  • Croatian: gore
  • Czech: nahoře
  • Danish: op
  • Dutch: omhoog
  • European Spanish: arriba posición
  • Finnish: ylös
  • French: en haut
  • German: nach oben
  • Greek: πάνω
  • Italian: su
  • Japanese: 上へ
  • Korean: 위로
  • Norwegian: (opp)over
  • Polish: w górze
  • European Portuguese: para cima
  • Romanian: sus
  • Russian: вверх
  • Latin American Spanish: arriba
  • Swedish: upp
  • Thai: ในทิศทางขึ้น
  • Turkish: yukarıya
  • Ukrainian: вгору
  • Vietnamese: ở trên
British English: onto /ˈɒntʊ/ PREPOSITION
on top of If something moves onto a surface, it moves to a place on that surface.
The cat climbed onto her lap.
  • American English: onto
  • Arabic: عَلَى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: para cima de
  • Chinese: 到…之上
  • Croatian: na
  • Czech: napovrch
  • Danish: op på
  • Dutch: op
  • European Spanish: a
  • Finnish: jhk suuntaan tai paikkaan
  • French: surmonter sur
  • German: auf
  • Greek: πάνω
  • Italian: su
  • Japanese: ・・・の上へ
  • Korean: ~위로
  • Norwegian: oppi
  • Polish: na
  • European Portuguese: para cima de
  • Romanian: pe
  • Russian: на
  • Latin American Spanish: hacia
  • Swedish: upp
  • Thai: ไปบน
  • Turkish: üzerine
  • Ukrainian: на
  • Vietnamese: ở trên
British English: onto /ˈɒntʊ/ PREPOSITION
bus, train, plane When you get onto a bus, train, or plane, you enter it.
He got onto the plane.
  • American English: onto
  • Arabic: في
  • Brazilian Portuguese: entrar
  • Chinese: 到…里面
  • Croatian: u
  • Czech: donastoupit
  • Danish: ombord på
  • Dutch: in
  • European Spanish: en
  • Finnish: jhk suuntaan tai paikkaan
  • French: dansmonter dans
  • German: in
  • Greek: σε
  • Italian: su
  • Japanese: ・・・に
  • Korean: ~에
  • Norwegian:
  • Polish: do
  • European Portuguese: para
  • Romanian: în
  • Russian: на
  • Latin American Spanish: en
  • Swedish:
  • Thai: เข้าไปยัง
  • Turkish: ne
  • Ukrainian: у
  • Vietnamese: trên


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