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English translation of 'suono'



masculine noun

    1. (gen) sound
    2. (di campane) sound, ringing
    ballare al suono di un'orchestra to dance to the music of an orchestra
    lo accolsero a suon di fischi they booed and jeered him as he arrived

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Language Learner's Blog: Italian
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NEW from Collins!
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The Paul Noble Method



transitive verb

    1. (strumento, pezzo musicale) to play
    2. (campana, campanello) to ring
    3. (clacson, allarme, ritirata) to sound
    sai suonare la chitarra? can you play the guitar?
    l'orologio ha suonato le cinque the clock struck five
    suonare il clacson to hoot, sound the horn
    gliele ho suonate (informal) I gave him a thrashing

intransitive verb

    1. (musicista) to play
    2. (campane, campanello, telefono) to ring
    3. (ore) to strike
    4. (figurative)
      1. (discorso) to sound, ring
    sta suonando il telefono the phone is ringing
    le campane suonano a morto the bells are sounding a death knell
    mi suona strano (figurative) it sounds strange to me

'suono' in Other Languages

British English: sound /saʊnd/ NOUN
A sound is something that you hear.
He heard the sound of a car engine outside.
  • American English: sound
  • Arabic: صَوْت
  • Brazilian Portuguese: som
  • Chinese: 声音
  • Croatian: zvuk
  • Czech: zvuk
  • Danish: lyd
  • Dutch: geluid
  • European Spanish: sonido
  • Finnish: ääni
  • French: son bruit
  • German: Klang
  • Greek: ήχος
  • Italian: suono
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 소리
  • Norwegian: lyd
  • Polish: dźwięk
  • European Portuguese: som
  • Romanian: sunet
  • Russian: звук
  • Latin American Spanish: sonido
  • Swedish: ljud
  • Thai: เสียง
  • Turkish: ses
  • Ukrainian: звук
  • Vietnamese: âm thanh


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