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English translation of 'verde'




  1. (colore) green
    verde dalla bile livid o white with rage
    verde d'invidia green with envy
    1. (acerbo, frutta) green, unripe
    2. (legna) green
    gli anni verdi youth
  2. (telecommunications)
    numero verde freefone (line)
    1. (ecologista, associazione, gruppo) green
    2. (ecologico) ecological, green
    benzina verde lead-free o unleaded petrol

masculine noun

  1. (colore) green
    essere al verde to be broke
    una camicia verde scuro a dark green shirt
  2. (vegetazione) greenery
    c'è molto verde in questa città this city is very green
    una casa immersa nel verde a house surrounded by greenery
    ho bisogno di un po' di verde I feel in need of country air
  3. (semaforo) green (light)
i Verdi

plural masculine noun

  1. (politics) the Greens

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'verde' in Other Languages

British English: green /ɡriːn/ ADJECTIVE
in colour Something that is green is the colour of grass or leaves.
...shiny red and green apples.
  • American English: green color
  • Arabic: أَخْضَر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: verde
  • Chinese: 绿色的
  • Croatian: zelen
  • Czech: zelený
  • Danish: grøn farve
  • Dutch: groen
  • European Spanish: verde color
  • Finnish: vihreä
  • French: vert
  • German: grün
  • Greek: πράσινος
  • Italian: verde
  • Japanese: 緑色の
  • Korean: 녹색의
  • Norwegian: grønn
  • Polish: zielony
  • European Portuguese: verde
  • Romanian: verde
  • Russian: зеленый
  • Latin American Spanish: verde color
  • Swedish: grön
  • Thai: สีเขียว
  • Turkish: yeşil
  • Ukrainian: зелений
  • Vietnamese: xanh lá cây
British English: Green /ɡriːn/ NOUN
Greens are members of political movements concerned with the protection of the environment.
The Greens see themsevles as a radical alternative to the two major political parties.
  • American English: green
  • Arabic: أَخْضَر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Verdes
  • Chinese: 绿色
  • Croatian: Zeleni
  • Czech: zelený člen strany
  • Danish: grøn
  • Dutch: de Groenen
  • European Spanish: verde
  • Finnish: vihreä väri
  • French: verts
  • German: Grünfläche
  • Greek: πράσινο
  • Italian: verde
  • Japanese: 緑色
  • Korean: 녹색
  • Norwegian: grønnfarge
  • Polish: ekolog
  • European Portuguese: partido verde
  • Romanian: ecologiști
  • Russian: партия зеленых
  • Latin American Spanish: ecologista fresco
  • Swedish: grönområde
  • Thai: พรรคหรือกลุ่มคนที่รักษาสิ่งแวดล้อม
  • Turkish: yeşil
  • Ukrainian: Партія зелених
  • Vietnamese: thành viên thuộc phong trào bảo vệ môi trường


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