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English translation of 'arquear'


transitive verb
to arch
arquear-se reflexive verb
1 to bend, arch
2 (entortar-se) to warp

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'arquear' in Other Languages

British English: arch VERB
If you arch a part of your body such as your back or if it arches, you bend it so that it forms a curve.
Don't arch your back, keep your spine straight.
  • American English: arch
  • Brazilian Portuguese: arquear
  • Chinese: 弓着
  • European Spanish: arquear
  • French: cambrer
  • German: krümmen
  • Italian: arcuare
  • Japanese: 弓なりに反らす
  • Korean: ~을 둥글게 굽히다
  • European Portuguese: arquear
  • Latin American Spanish: arquear


Translation of arquear from the Collins Portuguese to English
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