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English translation of 'autorizar'


transitive verb
to authorize

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'autorizar' in Other Languages

British English: authorize /ˈɔːθəˌraɪz/ VERB
If someone authorizes something, they give their official permission for it to happen.
Only the President could authorize its use.
  • American English: authorize
  • Arabic: يُفَوِّضُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: autorizar
  • Chinese: 授权
  • Croatian: ovlastiti
  • Czech: schválit
  • Danish: bemyndige
  • Dutch: autoriseren
  • European Spanish: autorizar
  • Finnish: valtuuttaa
  • French: autoriser
  • German: autorisieren
  • Greek: εξουσιοδοτώ
  • Italian: autorizzare
  • Japanese: 権限を与える
  • Korean: 권한을 주다
  • Norwegian: autorisere
  • Polish: upoważnić
  • European Portuguese: autorizar
  • Romanian: a autoriza
  • Russian: уполномочивать
  • Latin American Spanish: autorizar
  • Swedish: auktorisera
  • Thai: ให้อำนาจ
  • Turkish: yetki vermek
  • Ukrainian: уповноважувати
  • Vietnamese: ủy quyền
British English: empower VERB
If someone is empowered to do something, they have the authority or power to do it.
The army is now empowered to operate on a shoot-to-kill basis.
British English: license VERB
To license a person or activity means to give official permission for the person to do something or for the activity to take place.
...a proposal that would require the state to license cars.
  • American English: license
  • Brazilian Portuguese: autorizar
  • Chinese: 准许
  • European Spanish: autorizar
  • French: autoriser
  • German: eine Lizenz erteilen für
  • Italian: dare una licenza a
  • Japanese: 認可する
  • Korean: 허가하다
  • European Portuguese: autorizar
  • Latin American Spanish: autorizar


Translation of autorizar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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