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English translation of 'bomba'


feminine noun
1. (military) bomb
2. (technical) pump
3. (cookery) éclair
4. (figurative) bombshell
bomba atômica/relógio/de fumaça atomic/time/smoke bomb
bomba de gasolina petrol (BRIT) or gas (US) pump
bomba de incêndio fire extinguisher
levar bomba (em exame) to fail

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'bomba' in Other Languages

British English: bomb /bɒm/ NOUN
A bomb is a device which explodes, damaging a large area or killing people.
Bombs went off at two London train stations.
  • American English: bomb
  • Arabic: قُنْبُلَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bomba
  • Chinese: 炸弹
  • Croatian: bomba
  • Czech: bomba
  • Danish: bombe
  • Dutch: bom
  • European Spanish: bomba arma
  • Finnish: pommi
  • French: bombe
  • German: Bombe
  • Greek: βόμβα
  • Italian: bomba
  • Japanese: 爆弾
  • Korean: 폭탄
  • Norwegian: bombe
  • Polish: bomba
  • European Portuguese: bomba
  • Romanian: bombă
  • Russian: бомба
  • Latin American Spanish: bomba
  • Swedish: bomb
  • Thai: ลูกระเบิด
  • Turkish: bomba
  • Ukrainian: бомба
  • Vietnamese: quả bom
British English: pump /pʌmp/ NOUN
A pump is a machine that is used to force a liquid or gas to flow in strong regular movements in a particular direction.
...a petrol pump.
  • American English: pump
  • Arabic: مَضَخَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bomba máquina
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: pumpa
  • Czech: čerpadlo
  • Danish: pumpe
  • Dutch: pomp
  • European Spanish: bomba máquina
  • Finnish: pumppu
  • French: pompe vélo
  • German: Pumpe
  • Greek: αντλία
  • Italian: pompa
  • Japanese: ポンプ
  • Korean: 펌프
  • Norwegian: pumpe
  • Polish: pompa
  • European Portuguese: bomba máquina
  • Romanian: pompă
  • Russian: насос
  • Latin American Spanish: bomba
  • Swedish: pump
  • Thai: เครื่องปั๊ม
  • Turkish: pompa
  • Ukrainian: насос
  • Vietnamese: bơm
British English: bombshell NOUN
A bombshell is a sudden piece of bad or unexpected news.
His resignation after thirteen years is a political bombshell.
  • American English: bombshell
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bomba
  • Chinese: 爆炸性消息
  • European Spanish: bomba
  • French: bombe
  • German: Bombe
  • Italian: notizia bomba
  • Japanese: 寝耳に水の知らせ
  • Korean: 폭탄 선언
  • European Portuguese: bomba
  • Latin American Spanish: bomba


Translation of bomba from the Collins Portuguese to English
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