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English translation of 'cobrir'


transitive verb
to cover
cobrir-se reflexive verb
to cover o.s.

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'cobrir' in Other Languages

British English: cover /ˈkʌvə/ VERB
If you cover something, you put another thing over it.
She covered the table with a cloth.
  • American English: cover
  • Arabic: يُغَطي
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cobrir
  • Chinese: 覆盖
  • Croatian: pokriti se
  • Czech: přikrýt
  • Danish: dække
  • Dutch: bedekken
  • European Spanish: cubrir
  • Finnish: peittää
  • French: couvrir
  • German: zudecken
  • Greek: καλύπτω
  • Italian: coprire
  • Japanese: 覆う
  • Korean: 덮다
  • Norwegian: dekke
  • Polish: pokryć
  • European Portuguese: cobrir
  • Romanian: a acoperi
  • Russian: накрывать
  • Latin American Spanish: cubrir
  • Swedish: täcka
  • Thai: คลุม
  • Turkish: örtmek
  • Ukrainian: накривати
  • Vietnamese: che phủ
British English: blanket VERB
If something such as snow blankets an area, it covers it.
More than a foot of snow blanketed parts of the city.
British English: coat VERB
If you coat something with a substance or in a substance, you cover it with a thin layer of the substance.
Coat the fish with seasoned flour.
British English: encase VERB
If a person or an object is encased in something, they are completely covered or surrounded by it.
When nuclear fuel is manufactured it is encased in metal cans.
British English: overlay VERB
If something is overlaid with something else, it is covered by it.
The floor was overlaid with patterned rugs.
British English: shroud VERB
If something has been shrouded in mystery or secrecy, very little information about it has been made available.
For years the teaching of acting has been shrouded in mystery.
  • American English: shroud
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cobrir
  • Chinese: 包覆
  • European Spanish: estar rodeado de
  • French: envelopper
  • German: hüllen
  • Italian: avvolgere
  • Japanese: 隠す
  • Korean: 감추다
  • European Portuguese: cobrir
  • Latin American Spanish: estar rodeado de


Translation of cobrir from the Collins Portuguese to English
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