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English translation of 'compaixão'


masculine noun
1. (piedade) compassion, pity
2. (misericórdia) mercy

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'compaixão' in Other Languages

British English: pity /ˈpɪtɪ/ NOUN
If you feel pity for someone, you feel very sorry for them.
He felt pity for her.
  • American English: pity
  • Arabic: حَنان
  • Brazilian Portuguese: compaixão
  • Chinese: 憾事
  • Croatian: sažaljenje
  • Czech: lítost
  • Danish: medlidenhed
  • Dutch: medelijden
  • European Spanish: lástima pena
  • Finnish: sääli
  • French: pitié
  • German: Mitleid
  • Greek: συμπόνοια
  • Italian: pietà
  • Japanese: 哀れみ
  • Korean: 동정
  • Norwegian: medlidenhet
  • Polish: litość
  • European Portuguese: compaixão
  • Romanian: milă
  • Russian: жалость
  • Latin American Spanish: lástima
  • Swedish: medlidande
  • Thai: ความสงสาร
  • Turkish: acıma duygu
  • Ukrainian: жалість
  • Vietnamese: lòng thương
British English: sympathy /ˈsɪmpəθɪ/ NOUN
If you have sympathy for someone who has had a misfortune, you are sorry for them, and show this in the way you behave towards them.
We expressed our sympathy for her loss.
  • American English: sympathy
  • Arabic: تَعَاطُف
  • Brazilian Portuguese: compaixão
  • Chinese: 同情心
  • Croatian: simpatija
  • Czech: soucit
  • Danish: sympati
  • Dutch: sympathie
  • European Spanish: lástima compasión
  • Finnish: sympatia
  • French: compassion
  • German: Mitgefühl
  • Greek: συμπόνια
  • Italian: comprensione
  • Japanese: 同情
  • Korean: 동정
  • Norwegian: sympati
  • Polish: sympatia
  • European Portuguese: compaixão
  • Romanian: compasiune
  • Russian: сочувствие
  • Latin American Spanish: lástima
  • Swedish: sympati
  • Thai: ความเห็นใจ
  • Turkish: halden anlama
  • Ukrainian: співчуття
  • Vietnamese: sự thông cảm
British English: compassion NOUN
Compassion is a feeling of pity, sympathy, and understanding for someone who is suffering.
Elderly people need time and compassion from their physicians.


Translation of compaixão from the Collins Portuguese to English
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