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English translation of 'competir'


intransitive verb
to compete
competir a alguém (ser da competência de) to be sb's responsibility; (caber) to be up to sb
competir com to compete with

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'competir' in Other Languages

British English: compete /kəmˈpiːt/ VERB
challenge If one person or organization competes with another for something, they try to get that thing for themselves and stop the other getting it.
Students are competing with foreigners for summer jobs.
  • American English: compete
  • Arabic: يَتَنَافَسُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: competir
  • Chinese: 比赛
  • Croatian: natjecati se
  • Czech: soupeřit
  • Danish: konkurrere
  • Dutch: wedijveren
  • European Spanish: competir
  • Finnish: kilpailla
  • French: concourir
  • German: konkurrieren
  • Greek: διαγωνίζομαι
  • Italian: gareggiare
  • Japanese: 競争する
  • Korean: 경쟁하다
  • Norwegian: konkurrere
  • Polish: współzawodniczyć
  • European Portuguese: competir
  • Romanian: a concura
  • Russian: конкурировать
  • Latin American Spanish: competir
  • Swedish: tävla
  • Thai: แข่งขัน
  • Turkish: yarışmak
  • Ukrainian: змагатися
  • Vietnamese: cạnh tranh
British English: compete VERB
take part If you compete in a contest or a game, you take part in it.
He will be competing in the 100-meter race.
British English: pit VERB
If two opposing things or people are pitted against one another, they are in conflict.
You will be pitted against people who are every bit as good as you are.
  • American English: pit
  • Brazilian Portuguese: competir
  • Chinese: 使对立
  • European Spanish: enfrentar a
  • French: opposer
  • German: sich gegenüberstehen
  • Italian: opporre
  • Japanese: 対抗する
  • Korean: ~와 맞붙다
  • European Portuguese: competir
  • Latin American Spanish: enfrentar a
British English: vie VERB
If one person or thing is vying with another for something, the people or things are competing for it.
It is vying with other companies to capture a piece of the growing communications market.


Translation of competir from the Collins Portuguese to English
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