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English translation of 'dar'


transitive verb
(ger) to give
(festa) to hold
(problemas) to cause
dar algo a alguém to give sb sth, give sth to sb
dar de beber a alguém to give sb a drink
dar aula de francês to teach French
2. (produzir: fruta etc) to produce
3. (notícias no jornal) to publish
4. (cartas) to deal
5. (+ n: perífrase de vb)
me dá medo/pena it frightens/upsets me
intransitive verb
dar com (coisa) to find; (pessoa) to meet
dar em (bater) to hit; (resultar) to lead to; (lugar) to come to
dá no mesmo it's all the same
dar de si (sapatos etc) to stretch, give
dar para (impess: ser possível) to be able to
dá para trocar dinheiro aqui? can I change money here?
vai dar para eu ir amanhã I'll be able to go tomorrow
dá para você vir amanhã? – não, amanhã não vai dar can you come tomorrow? – no, I can't
6. (ser suficiente)
dar para/para fazer to be enough for/to do
dá para todo mundo? is there enough for everyone?

dar-se reflexive verb
dar-se bem/mal to do well/badly
dar-se (com alguém) to be acquainted (with sb)
dar-se bem (com alguém) to get on well (with sb)
dar-se por vencido to give up

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'dar' in Other Languages

British English: give /ɡɪv/ VERB
If you give someone something, you let them have it to keep.
We always give our mother flowers on her birthday.
  • American English: give
  • Arabic: يُعْطِي
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dar
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: dati
  • Czech: dát
  • Danish: give
  • Dutch: geven
  • European Spanish: dar
  • Finnish: antaa
  • French: donner
  • German: geben
  • Greek: δίνω
  • Italian: dare
  • Japanese: 与える
  • Korean: ...에게 ...을 주다
  • Norwegian: gi
  • Polish: dać
  • European Portuguese: dar
  • Romanian: a da
  • Russian: давать
  • Latin American Spanish: dar
  • Swedish: ge
  • Thai: ให้
  • Turkish: vermek
  • Ukrainian: давати
  • Vietnamese: cho
British English: deal /diːl/ VERB
cards If you deal playing cards, you give them out to the players in a game of cards.
It's your turn to deal.
She dealt each player a card.
  • American English: deal
  • Arabic: يُوَزِّعُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dar
  • Chinese: 发牌
  • Croatian: dijeliti karte
  • Czech: rozdatkarty
  • Danish: give kort
  • Dutch: uitdelen
  • European Spanish: repartir
  • Finnish: jakaa
  • French: distribuercartes à jouer
  • German: verteilen
  • Greek: μοιράζω
  • Italian: distribuire le carte
  • Japanese: (トランプを)配る
  • Korean: 나누다
  • Norwegian: dele
  • Polish: rozdawać
  • European Portuguese: dar
  • Romanian: a face cărțile
  • Russian: раздавать
  • Latin American Spanish: repartir
  • Swedish: dela ut
  • Thai: แจกไพ่
  • Turkish: dağıtmak
  • Ukrainian: роздавати
  • Vietnamese: ra quân bài


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