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English translation of 'debandada'


feminine noun
em debandada in confusion

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'debandada' in Other Languages

British English: stampede NOUN
If there is a stampede, a group of people or animals run in a wild, uncontrolled way.
There was a stampede for the exit.
  • American English: stampede
  • Brazilian Portuguese: debandada
  • Chinese: > 狂奔的群体人群或兽群的
  • European Spanish: estampida
  • French: ruée
  • German: Massenandrang
  • Italian: fuggi fuggi
  • Japanese: どっと押し寄せること
  • Korean: 우르르 몰리는 사태
  • European Portuguese: debandada
  • Latin American Spanish: estampida


Translation of debandada from the Collins Portuguese to English
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