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English translation of 'delegar'


transitive verb
to delegate

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'delegar' in Other Languages

British English: delegate /ˈdɛlɪɡət/ VERB
If you delegate duties, responsibilities, or power to someone, you give them those duties or responsibilities or that power, so that they can act on your behalf.
He wants to delegate more tasks to his employees.
  • American English: delegate
  • Arabic: يَنْتَدِبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: delegar
  • Chinese: 授权
  • Croatian: delegirati
  • Czech: delegovat
  • Danish: delegere
  • Dutch: delegeren
  • European Spanish: delegar
  • Finnish: valtuuttaa
  • French: déléguer
  • German: delegieren
  • Greek: αναθέτω
  • Italian: delegare
  • Japanese: 代表として派遣する
  • Korean: 위임하다
  • Norwegian: delegere
  • Polish: wydelegować
  • European Portuguese: delegar
  • Romanian: a delega
  • Russian: делегировать
  • Latin American Spanish: delegar
  • Swedish: delegera
  • Thai: มอบให้ทำแทน
  • Turkish: yetkilendirmek
  • Ukrainian: делегувати
  • Vietnamese: ủy quyền
British English: assign VERB
If you assign a piece of work to someone, you give them the work to do.
When I taught, I would assign a topic to children which they would write about.
  • American English: assign
  • Brazilian Portuguese: delegar
  • Chinese: 布置 > 任务
  • European Spanish: asignar
  • French: donner
  • German: zuteilen
  • Italian: assegnare
  • Japanese: 割り当てる
  • Korean: 할당하다
  • European Portuguese: delegar
  • Latin American Spanish: asignar


Translation of delegar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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