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English translation of 'distribuir'


transitive verb
1. to distribute
2. (repartir) to share out
3. (cartas) to deliver

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'distribuir' in Other Languages

British English: distribute /dɪˈstrɪbjuːt/ VERB
If you distribute things, you hand them or deliver them to a number of people.
Soldiers are working to distribute food and blankets.
  • American English: distribute
  • Arabic: يُوَزِّعُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: distribuir
  • Chinese: 分配
  • Croatian: distribuirati
  • Czech: roznést
  • Danish: distribuere
  • Dutch: distribueren
  • European Spanish: distribuir
  • Finnish: jakaa lehtiä ym.
  • French: distribuer
  • German: verteilen
  • Greek: διανέμω
  • Italian: distribuire
  • Japanese: 配る
  • Korean: 분배하다
  • Norwegian: fordele
  • Polish: rozprowadzić
  • European Portuguese: distribuir
  • Romanian: a distribui
  • Russian: распределять
  • Latin American Spanish: distribuir repartir
  • Swedish: sprida
  • Thai: แจกจ่าย
  • Turkish: dağıtmak
  • Ukrainian: розповсюджувати
  • Vietnamese: phân phối
British English: give out /ɡɪv aʊt/ VERB
If you give out a number of things, you distribute them among a group of people.
They were giving out leaflets.
  • American English: give out
  • Arabic: يُوَزِّعُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dar
  • Chinese: 分发
  • Croatian: dijeliti
  • Czech: rozdat
  • Danish: give ud
  • Dutch: uitdelen
  • European Spanish: distribuir
  • Finnish: jakaa antaa
  • French: distribuer
  • German: austeilen
  • Greek: διανέμω
  • Italian: distribuire
  • Japanese: 配布する
  • Korean: 배포하다
  • Norwegian: utgi
  • Polish: rozdać
  • European Portuguese: distribuir
  • Romanian: a împărți
  • Russian: раздавать
  • Latin American Spanish: distribuir entregar
  • Swedish: avge
  • Thai: แจกจ่าย
  • Turkish: dağıtmak vermek
  • Ukrainian: роздавати
  • Vietnamese: phát ra
British English: allot VERB
If something is allotted to someone, it is given to them as their share.
The seats are allotted to the candidates who have won the most votes.
British English: syndicate VERB
When newspaper articles or television programmes are syndicated, they are sold to several different newspapers or television stations, who then publish the articles or broadcast the programmes.
Today his programme is syndicated to 500 stations.
  • American English: syndicate
  • Brazilian Portuguese: distribuir
  • Chinese: 同时发表
  • European Spanish: distribuir
  • French: distribuer sous licence
  • German: an mehrere Interessenten verkaufen
  • Italian: vendere a vari giornali o emittenti televisive
  • Japanese: いろいろな媒体に流す
  • Korean: 텔레비젼 프로그램 등을 다른 방송사나 신문사에 팔다
  • European Portuguese: distribuir
  • Latin American Spanish: distribuir


Translation of distribuir from the Collins Portuguese to English
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