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English translation of 'enseada'


feminine noun
1. inlet, cove
2. (baía) bay

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'enseada' in Other Languages

British English: cove NOUN
A cove is a part of a coast where the land curves inwards so that the sea is partly enclosed.
The house is situated on a hillside overlooking a secluded cove.
  • American English: cove
  • Brazilian Portuguese: angra
  • Chinese: 小海湾
  • European Spanish: cala
  • French: crique
  • German: Bucht
  • Italian: piccola baia
  • Japanese: 入り江
  • Korean:
  • European Portuguese: enseada
  • Latin American Spanish: cala
British English: inlet NOUN
An inlet is a narrow strip of water which goes from a sea or lake into the land.
...a sheltered inlet.


Translation of enseada from the Collins Portuguese to English
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