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English translation of 'espírito'


masculine noun
1. spirit
2. (pensamento) mind
espírito de porco wet blanket
espírito esportivo sense of humo(u)r
espírito forte/fraco (figurative: pessoa) freethinker/sheep
Espírito Santo Holy Spirit

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'espírito' in Other Languages

British English: spirit /ˈspɪrɪt/ NOUN
Your spirit is the part of you that is not physical and that is connected with your deepest thoughts and feelings.
She is physically weak but her spirit is very strong.
  • American English: spirit
  • Arabic: رُوح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: espírito
  • Chinese: 精神
  • Croatian: duh
  • Czech: duševno
  • Danish: ånd
  • Dutch: geest karakter
  • European Spanish: espíritu
  • Finnish: henki
  • French: esprit cerveau
  • German: Geist Denken
  • Greek: πνεύμα
  • Italian: spirito
  • Japanese: 精神
  • Korean: 정신
  • Norwegian: ånd
  • Polish: duch dusza
  • European Portuguese: espírito
  • Romanian: spirit
  • Russian: душа
  • Latin American Spanish: espíritu
  • Swedish: ande andligt väsen
  • Thai: วิญญาณ
  • Turkish: ruh
  • Ukrainian: дух
  • Vietnamese: tinh thần


Translation of espírito from the Collins Portuguese to English
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