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English translation of 'evidente'


obvious, evident

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'evidente' in Other Languages

British English: glaring /ˈɡlɛərɪŋ/ ADJECTIVE
If you describe something bad as glaring, you mean that it is very obvious.
...glaring errors.
  • American English: glaring
  • Arabic: سَاطِع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: evidente
  • Chinese: 明显的
  • Croatian: očit
  • Czech: zjevný
  • Danish: iøjnefaldende
  • Dutch: overduidelijk
  • European Spanish: deslumbrante
  • Finnish: räikeä
  • French: éblouissant lumineux
  • German: offensichtlich
  • Greek: εξόφθαλμος
  • Italian: madornale accecante
  • Japanese: いやに目立つ
  • Korean: 역력한
  • Norwegian: blendende
  • Polish: rażący
  • European Portuguese: evidente
  • Romanian: evident
  • Russian: вопиющий
  • Latin American Spanish: deslumbrante
  • Swedish: iögonfallande
  • Thai: ชัด
  • Turkish: bariz
  • Ukrainian: разючий
  • Vietnamese: rõ ràng
British English: evident ADJECTIVE
If something is evident, you notice it easily and clearly.
His footprints were clearly evident in the heavy dust.


Translation of evidente from the Collins Portuguese to English
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