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'navegação' in Other Languages

British English: sailing /ˈseɪlɪŋ/ NOUN
A sailing is a voyage made by a ship carrying passengers.
We'll get the next sailing.
  • American English: sailing
  • Arabic: إِبْحَار
  • Brazilian Portuguese: navegação a vela
  • Chinese: 航行
  • Croatian: jedrenje
  • Czech: plavba
  • Danish: sejlads
  • Dutch: afvaart
  • European Spanish: navegación
  • Finnish: purjehdus
  • French: voile sport
  • German: Segeln
  • Greek: ιστιοπλοΐα
  • Italian: vela
  • Japanese: 航海
  • Korean: 항해
  • Norwegian: seiling
  • Polish: żeglarstwo
  • European Portuguese: navegação à vela
  • Romanian: croazieră
  • Russian: мореплавание
  • Latin American Spanish: navegación
  • Swedish: segling
  • Thai: การเดินเรือ
  • Turkish: yelken sporu
  • Ukrainian: мореплавання
  • Vietnamese: sự đi thuyền
British English: navigation NOUN
You can refer to the movement of ships as navigation.
Pack ice around Iceland was becoming a threat to navigation.


Translation of navegação from the Collins Portuguese to English
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