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English translation of 'novato'


novata [noˈvatu, a]
inexperienced, raw
masculine noun, feminine noun
1. (principiante) beginner, novice
2. (education) fresher

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'novato' in Other Languages

British English: green /ɡriːn/ ADJECTIVE
inexperienced If you say that someone is green, you mean that they have had very little experience of life or a particular job.
He was a young lad, very green, very immature.
  • American English: green inexperienced
  • Arabic: قَلِيلُ الـخِبْرَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: novato
  • Chinese: 无经验的
  • Croatian: neiskusan
  • Czech: nezkušený
  • Danish: grøn uerfaren
  • Dutch: groen onervaren
  • European Spanish: verde inmaduro
  • Finnish: kokematon
  • French: bleu nouveau
  • German: unerfahren
  • Greek: άπειρος
  • Italian: inesperto
  • Japanese: 未熟な 経験不足
  • Korean: 미숙한
  • Norwegian: grønn
  • Polish: zielony
  • European Portuguese: novato
  • Romanian: necopt
  • Russian: неопытный
  • Latin American Spanish: verde inexperto
  • Swedish: oerfaren
  • Thai: คนอ่อนหัด
  • Turkish: acemi
  • Ukrainian: замолодий
  • Vietnamese: thiếu kinh nghiệm
British English: fledgling ADJECTIVE
You use fledgling to describe a person, organization, or system that is new or without experience.
...the sound practical advice he gave to fledgling writers.
  • American English: fledgling
  • Brazilian Portuguese: novato
  • Chinese: 新手
  • European Spanish: novel
  • French: en herbe
  • German: Nachwuchs-
  • Italian: alle prime armi
  • Japanese: 駆け出しの
  • Korean: 초보자의
  • European Portuguese: novato
  • Latin American Spanish: novel
British English: novice NOUN
A novice is someone who has been doing a job or other activity for only a short time and so is not experienced at it.
I'm a novice at these things, sir. You're the professional.


Translation of novato from the Collins Portuguese to English
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