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English translation of 'ordenhar'


transitive verb
to milk

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'ordenhar' in Other Languages

British English: milk /mɪlk/ VERB
When someone milks a cow or goat, they get milk from it from an organ called the udder, which hangs beneath its body.
Farm workers milked cows by hand.
  • American English: milk
  • Arabic: يَحْلِبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ordenhar
  • Chinese: 挤奶
  • Croatian: musti
  • Czech: dojit
  • Danish: malke
  • Dutch: melken
  • European Spanish: ordeñar
  • Finnish: lypsää
  • French: traire
  • German: melken
  • Greek: αρμέγω
  • Italian: mungere
  • Japanese: 乳を搾る
  • Korean: 젖을 짜다
  • Norwegian: melke
  • Polish: wydoić
  • European Portuguese: ordenhar
  • Romanian: a mulge
  • Russian: доить
  • Latin American Spanish: ordeñar
  • Swedish: mjölka
  • Thai: รีดนม
  • Turkish: sağmak süt
  • Ukrainian: доїти
  • Vietnamese: vắt sữa


Translation of ordenhar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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