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English translation of 'perturbado'


perturbada [perturˈbadu, a]
1. perturbed
2. (desvairado) unbalanced

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'perturbado' in Other Languages

British English: disturbed ADJECTIVE
A disturbed person is very upset emotionally, and often needs special care or treatment.
...working with severely emotionally disturbed children.
  • American English: disturbed
  • Brazilian Portuguese: perturbado
  • Chinese: 心理不正常的
  • European Spanish: perturbado
  • French: perturbé
  • German: gestört
  • Italian: affetto da una turba psichica
  • Japanese: 情緒が不安定な
  • Korean: 정서 장애의
  • European Portuguese: perturbado
  • Latin American Spanish: perturbado
British English: screwed up ADJECTIVE
If you say that someone is screwed up, you mean that they are very confused or worried, or that they have psychological problems.
He was really screwed up with his emotional problems.


Translation of perturbado from the Collins Portuguese to English
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