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English translation of 'provar'


transitive verb
1. to prove
2. (comida) to taste, try
3. (roupa) to try on
intransitive verb
to try

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'provar' in Other Languages

British English: prove /pruːv/ VERB
bear out If something proves to be true, it becomes clear after a period of time that it is true.
The reports proved to be true.
  • American English: prove
  • Arabic: يُثَبِّت
  • Brazilian Portuguese: provar
  • Chinese: 证明
  • Croatian: dokazati
  • Czech: ukázat se jakým
  • Danish: bevise
  • Dutch: bewijzen
  • European Spanish: probar
  • Finnish: todistaa
  • French: s’avérer
  • German: beweisen
  • Greek: αποδεικνύω
  • Italian: dimostrarsi
  • Japanese: 立証する
  • Korean: 입증하다
  • Norwegian: bevise
  • Polish: udowodnić
  • European Portuguese: provar
  • Romanian: a dovedi
  • Russian: доказывать
  • Latin American Spanish: probar
  • Swedish: jäsa
  • Thai: พิสูจน์
  • Turkish: kanıtlamak
  • Ukrainian: доводити
  • Vietnamese: chứng minh
British English: try on /traɪ ɒn/ VERB
If you try on a piece of clothing, you put it on to see if it fits you or if it looks nice.
Try on clothing and shoes to make sure they fit.
  • American English: try on
  • Arabic: يَقْيسُ ثَوْباً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: provar
  • Chinese: 试穿
  • Croatian: isprobati
  • Czech: zkusit si něco na sebe
  • Danish: prøve
  • Dutch: aanpassen kleding
  • European Spanish: probarse
  • Finnish: sovittaa vaatteita
  • French: essayer
  • German: anprobieren
  • Greek: προβάρω
  • Italian: misurare
  • Japanese: 試着する
  • Korean: 입어 보다
  • Norwegian: prøve (på)
  • Polish: przymierzyć
  • European Portuguese: provar
  • Romanian: a proba
  • Russian: примерять
  • Latin American Spanish: probarse
  • Swedish: prova
  • Thai: ลองสวมใส่
  • Turkish: denemek giysi
  • Ukrainian: приміряти
  • Vietnamese: thử mặc
British English: sample VERB
If you sample food or drink, you taste a small amount of it in order to find out if you like it.
We sampled a selection of different bottled waters.


Translation of provar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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