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English translation of 'simpatizante'


masculine noun, feminine noun

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'simpatizante' in Other Languages

British English: sympathizer NOUN
The sympathizers of an organization or cause are the people who approve of it and support it.
These villagers are guerrilla sympathizers.
British English: well-wisher NOUN
Well-wishers are people who hope that a particular person or thing will be successful, and who show this by their behaviour.
The main street was lined with well-wishers.
  • American English: well-wisher
  • Brazilian Portuguese: simpatizante
  • Chinese: 表示良好祝愿的人
  • European Spanish: admirador
  • French: supporteurN
  • German: wohlmeinender Mensch
  • Italian: sostenitore
  • Japanese: 好意を寄せる人
  • Korean: 지지자
  • European Portuguese: simpatizante
  • Latin American Spanish: admirador


Translation of simpatizante from the Collins Portuguese to English
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