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English translation of 'solidão'


feminine noun
1. solitude, isolation
2. (sensação) loneliness
3. (de lugar) desolation
sentir solidão to feel lonely

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'solidão' in Other Languages

British English: loneliness /ˈləʊnlɪnɪs/ NOUN
Loneliness is the unhappiness that is felt by someone because they do not have any friends or do not have anyone to talk to.
I have a fear of loneliness.
  • American English: loneliness
  • Arabic: وِحْدَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: solidão
  • Chinese: 孤独
  • Croatian: usamljenost
  • Czech: samota osamělost
  • Danish: ensomhed
  • Dutch: eenzaamheid
  • European Spanish: soledad
  • Finnish: yksinäisyys
  • French: solitude
  • German: Einsamkeit
  • Greek: μοναξιά
  • Italian: solitudine
  • Japanese: 孤独
  • Korean: 고독
  • Norwegian: ensomhet
  • Polish: samotność
  • European Portuguese: solidão
  • Romanian: singurătate
  • Russian: одиночество
  • Latin American Spanish: soledad
  • Swedish: ensamhet
  • Thai: ความเหงา
  • Turkish: yalnızlık
  • Ukrainian: самотність
  • Vietnamese: sự cô đơn
British English: solitude NOUN
Solitude is the state of being alone, especially when this is peaceful and pleasant.
He enjoyed his moments of solitude before the pressures of the day began.


Translation of solidão from the Collins Portuguese to English
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