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English translation of 'solitário'


solitária [soliˈtarju, a]
lonely, solitary
masculine noun
1. hermit
2. (joia) solitaire

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'solitário' in Other Languages

British English: lonely /ˈləʊnlɪ/ ADJECTIVE
A lonely person is unhappy because they are alone, or because they do not have any friends.
He has been lonely since his wife died.
  • American English: lonely
  • Arabic: مُتَوَحِّدْ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: solitário
  • Chinese: 孤独的
  • Croatian: usamljen
  • Czech: osamělý
  • Danish: ensom
  • Dutch: eenzaam
  • European Spanish: solo solitario
  • Finnish: yksinäinen
  • French: seul
  • German: einsam
  • Greek: μοναχικός
  • Italian: solo
  • Japanese: 孤独の
  • Korean: 고독한
  • Norwegian: ensom
  • Polish: samotny
  • European Portuguese: solitário
  • Romanian: singuratic
  • Russian: одинокий
  • Latin American Spanish: solo
  • Swedish: ensam
  • Thai: หงอยเหงา
  • Turkish: yalnız
  • Ukrainian: самотній
  • Vietnamese: cô đơn
British English: lone ADJECTIVE
If you talk about a lone person or thing, you mean that they are alone.
A lone woman motorist waited for six hours for help yesterday because of a name mix-up.
British English: loner NOUN
If you describe someone as a loner, you mean they prefer to be alone rather than with a group of people.
I'm very much a loner – I never go out.
  • American English: loner
  • Brazilian Portuguese: solitário
  • Chinese: 不合群的人
  • European Spanish: persona & solitario
  • French: solitaire
  • German: Einzelgänger
  • Italian: solitario
  • Japanese: 一人で行動する人
  • Korean: 혼자 있는 것을 즐기는 사람
  • European Portuguese: solitário
  • Latin American Spanish: persona & solitaria
British English: solitary ADJECTIVE
A person or animal that is solitary spends a lot of time alone.
He was a shy, pleasant, solitary man.


Translation of solitário from the Collins Portuguese to English
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