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English translation of 'tentador'


tentadora [tẽtaˈdor(a)]
1. tempting
2. (sedutor) inviting
masculine noun, feminine noun

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'tentador' in Other Languages

British English: tempting /ˈtɛmptɪŋ/ ADJECTIVE
If something is tempting, it makes you want to do it or have it.
...a tempting offer of a Palm Beach trip.
  • American English: tempting
  • Arabic: مُغْرٍ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tentador
  • Chinese: 诱惑人的
  • Croatian: primamljiv
  • Czech: lákavý
  • Danish: fristende
  • Dutch: verleidelijk
  • European Spanish: tentador
  • Finnish: houkutteleva
  • French: tentant
  • German: verführerisch
  • Greek: δελεαστικός
  • Italian: invitante
  • Japanese: 誘惑する
  • Korean: 유혹하는
  • Norwegian: fristende
  • Polish: kuszący
  • European Portuguese: tentador
  • Romanian: tentant
  • Russian: заманчивый
  • Latin American Spanish: tentador
  • Swedish: frestande
  • Thai: ล่อใจ
  • Turkish: baştan çıkarıcı
  • Ukrainian: спокусливий
  • Vietnamese: mang tính cám dỗ
British English: alluring ADJECTIVE
Someone or something that is alluring is very attractive.
...the most alluring city in the country.
British English: enticing ADJECTIVE
Something that is enticing is extremely attractive and makes you want to get it or to become involved with it.
A prospective premium of about 30 per cent on their initial investment is enticing.


Translation of tentador from the Collins Portuguese to English
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