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English translation of 'trabalhar'


intransitive verb
1. to work
2. (theatre) to act
transitive verb
1. (terra) to till, work
2. (madeira, metal) to work
3. (texto) to work on
trabalhar com (comerciar) to deal in
trabalhar de or como to work as

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'trabalhar' in Other Languages

British English: work /wɜːk/ VERB
toil When you work, you do something that uses a lot of your time or effort.
We work hard all day.
  • American English: work
  • Arabic: يَعْمَلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: trabalhar
  • Chinese: 工作
  • Croatian: raditi
  • Czech: pracovat
  • Danish: arbejde
  • Dutch: werken
  • European Spanish: trabajar
  • Finnish: työskennellä
  • French: travailler
  • German: arbeiten
  • Greek: δουλεύω
  • Italian: lavorare
  • Japanese: 働く
  • Korean: 일하다
  • Norwegian: arbeide
  • Polish: pracować
  • European Portuguese: trabalhar
  • Romanian: a lucra
  • Russian: работать
  • Latin American Spanish: trabajar
  • Swedish: arbeta
  • Thai: ทำงาน
  • Turkish: çalışmak
  • Ukrainian: працювати
  • Vietnamese: làm việc


Translation of trabalhar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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