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English translation of 'tradição'


Word forms: plural tradições
feminine noun

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'tradição' in Other Languages

British English: tradition /trəˈdɪʃən/ NOUN
A tradition is a custom or belief that has existed for a long time.
...the family tradition of giving away plants.
  • American English: tradition
  • Arabic: تَقْلِيد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tradição
  • Chinese: 传统
  • Croatian: tradicija
  • Czech: tradice
  • Danish: tradition
  • Dutch: traditie
  • European Spanish: tradición
  • Finnish: perinne
  • French: tradition
  • German: Tradition
  • Greek: παράδοση
  • Italian: tradizione
  • Japanese: 伝統
  • Korean: 전통
  • Norwegian: tradisjon
  • Polish: tradycja
  • European Portuguese: tradição
  • Romanian: tradiție
  • Russian: традиция
  • Latin American Spanish: tradición
  • Swedish: tradition
  • Thai: ประเพณี
  • Turkish: gelenek
  • Ukrainian: традиція
  • Vietnamese: truyền thống


Translation of tradição from the Collins Portuguese to English
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