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Verb Table transitive verb
1.  (quitar violentamente) to snatch awaywrench (a from)
[vida] to take
[viento etc] to carry offcarry away
[persona] to carry awaycarry offabduct (formal)
le arrebató el revólver he snatched the pistol from him
le arrebataron la victoria they snatched victory from under his very nose
arrebatar la vida a algn to take sb’s life
(conmover) to stir
(cautivar) to captivate
(alegrar) to exhilarate
se dejó arrebatar por su entusiasmo he got carried away by his enthusiasm
3.  (Agriculture) to parch
See also arrebatarse

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Example Sentences Including 'arrebatar'

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Para ello le bastaría con empatar con el Deportivo de la Coruña, el único que, a falta aún de tres jornadas, puede arrebatar matemáticamente el título al Real Madrid.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1995)
Pero aquellos dos maestros no se dejaron arrebatar cosa alguna.
Francisco Calvo Serraller La novela del artista Francisco
Perro se acercó lentamente, con las orejas desconfiadas, decidido a arrebatar a las hormigas algún sabor a carne.
Alejo Carpentier Historia de lunas. Los fugitivos.

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'arrebatar' in Other Languages

British English: snatch /snætʃ/ VERB
If you snatch something, or if you snatch at it, you take it or pull it away quickly.
He snatched the cards from her hand.
  • American English: snatch
  • Arabic: يَخْتَطِفُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: agarrar
  • Chinese: 攫取
  • Croatian: ugrabiti
  • Czech: popadnout
  • Danish: snuppe
  • Dutch: rukken
  • European Spanish: arrebatar
  • Finnish: siepata esine
  • French: attraper
  • German: schnappen
  • Greek: γραπώνω
  • Italian: strappare
  • Japanese: ひったくる
  • Korean: 낚아채다
  • Norwegian: snappe
  • Polish: (s)chwycić
  • European Portuguese: agarrar
  • Romanian: a înhăța
  • Russian: хватать(ся)
  • Latin American Spanish: arrebatar
  • Swedish: stjäla
  • Thai: คว้า
  • Turkish: kapmak
  • Ukrainian: хапати
  • Vietnamese: giật lấy
British English: wrest VERB
If you wrest something from someone else, you take it from them, especially when this is difficult or illegal.
For the past year he has been trying to wrest control from the central government.


Translation of arrebatar from the Collins Spanish to English
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