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Word forms: gemelo, gemela
(hermano) (identical) twin
torres gemelas twin towers
buque gemelo sister ship
es mi alma gemela we’re two of a kind
masculine noun/feminine noun
(hermano) (identical) twin
masculine noun
1.  (músculo) calf muscle
2.  [de camisa] cufflink
3.  (Nautical) sister ship
(prismáticos) binoculars
[del zodíaco] GeminiTwins

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Example Sentences Including 'gemelo'

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Parecía el hilo más tenue de la telaraña de los siglos: parecía un gemelo de la muerte: el sueno.
Carlos Fuentes La muerte de Artemio Cruz
Pero el Mal se pretende el contemporáneo, y el igual, y el hermano gemelo del Bien.
Fernando Savater Ética como amor propio
Qué pasaría si el gemelo que sobrevive descubre que ha perdido un hermano o una hermana y que es por culpa de su madre?
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1996)

Trends of 'gemelo'

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'gemelo' in Other Languages

British English: twin /twɪn/ NOUN
If two people are twins, they have the same mother and were born on the same day.
My sister was looking after the twins.
  • American English: twin
  • Arabic: تَوْأَم
  • Brazilian Portuguese: gêmeo
  • Chinese: 孪生子
  • Croatian: blizanci
  • Czech: dvojče
  • Danish: tvilling
  • Dutch: tweeling
  • European Spanish: gemelo
  • Finnish: kaksonen
  • French: jumeau
  • German: Zwilling
  • Greek: δίδυμος
  • Italian: gemello
  • Japanese: 双子
  • Korean: 쌍둥이
  • Norwegian: tvilling
  • Polish: bliźniak brat lub siostra
  • European Portuguese: gémeo
  • Romanian: geamăn
  • Russian: близнец
  • Latin American Spanish: gemelo
  • Swedish: tvilling
  • Thai: คู่แฝด
  • Turkish: ikiz
  • Ukrainian: близнюк
  • Vietnamese: con sinh đôi
British English: twin ADJECTIVE
Twin is used to describe a pair of things that look the same and are close together.
...the twin spires of the cathedral.
  • American English: twin
  • Brazilian Portuguese: gêmeo
  • Chinese: 成对的
  • European Spanish: gemelo
  • French: jumeau
  • German: Doppel-
  • Italian: gemello
  • Japanese: 対の
  • Korean: 같은 모양의
  • European Portuguese: gémeo
  • Latin American Spanish: gemelo


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